We offer special pricing for residential customers because we know how important solar power is for domestic consumption. To know about special monthly packages click here.


Since there will be huge space available in such environment, our erection engineers would study your layout and come with a suitable solution for Solar Panel deployment.


Avail our special pricing for educational institutions as their requirements differ from that of others. Check our pricing for educational institutions.


Large scale installation is carried out by our project teams so that a high percentage of the requirements of the corporate is met. Reduced load requirement from the common grid makes them qualify for Govt subsidies.


Our sophisticated design and execution is well-known. We strive hard to complete the project on time and ensure a smooth flow of energy from the augmented grid.


Small and Medium industries would stand to benefit a great deal from Solar Zone as their requirements could be totally obtained from solar energy itself. Their eligibility for subsidies would go several fold higher when they become self sufficient in power usage.




  • SunTrap offers full service in solar PV system engineering from civil and structural engineering to financial analysis of the project.
  • We assist with site selection, technology selection, energy generation analysis using leading industry software modeling tool, complex interconnection engineering, standards and compliance, construction documents, permit negotiations and construction phase engineering.
  • In the building stage, we do initial site assessment, preliminary design followed by project execution after the permit is secured.

Service List


  • Technology Selection
  • Product due diligence
  • Generation estimation & analysis
  • Tracking analysis (Single Axis & Dual axis)
  • SunTrap uses best practices in the energy industry to operate and maintenance solar PV plants. Our O&M service reinforce confidence in the long term performance and revenue capacity of an asset. Because every project and owner has its own unique needs, we optimize an asset management plan for each client.
  • At SunTrap we take care of system performance monitoring, preventive maintenance, warranty administration, unscheduled maintenance, PV module cleaning, spare parts inventory and safety equipment management and storage, permitting and license administration, performance assurance and asset management

Service List

Real-Time Monitoring

  • Real-time supervision
  • Event detection and communication
  • Remote diagnosis of events
  • Outage communication and management
  • Tracking of ongoing performance
  • Data Collection and reporting

Maintenance coordination and communication

  • Dispatch and supervision of on-site maintenance activities
  • Communication of critical information to owners, utilities,and independent system operators(ISOs)

Forecasting and Scheduling

  • Energy
  • Energy capacity management
    • Scheduling of maintenance activities in coordination with grid operator

Performance Engineering Services

  • Performance reporting to owners,site personnel,and utilities
  • Utility interface and compliance with regulatory authorities
  • Warranty administration

Services We Offer

We provide a multi- disciplinary service through a strong team of contemporary professionals to meet today’s complex planning and design requirements by building essential processes to successfully execute projects. Today, Pacific is associated with the top companies in Solar domain, such as Azure Power, Renew Power, Schneider Electric, Hartek Power.

Solar Panel Project

Civil Works include :Land Leveling, Fencing, Site Offices, Inverter Rooms, Control Room, HT Yard, Roads

Onesite Inspection checklist

Piling Work includes: Survey and Marking, Drilling, Alignment, Concrete Pouring.

Estimation of output

Structure Installation

Solar Panel Project

Module Installation.

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